Effective. Complementary. Affordable.

More than just education.

Gain valuable insights into the vulnerabilities of the People, Process and Technology protecting your critical information assets.

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Effective phishing vulnerability assessment and training campaigns.

PhishLine provides automated solutions in a controlled external testing platform.

  • Auditors.
    Want an easy-to-use tool to allow simple testing with clear results.

  • Executive Management.
    Demands clear and understandable information security metrics.

  • Incident Response Teams.
    Want to track and learn from the potential side-effects of malicious social engineering attacks.

  • Technical Security Professionals.
    Want to control the details such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records, domain aging, and email headers.

  • Users.
    Need training and education.

Complementary to traditional and upcoming mitigation approaches.

The traditional ways to mitigate phishing attacks are through email, spam, web, and content filtering technologies.

Phishline is a complementary solution for independently validating and testing all layers of security controls up to and including the end user 'human firewall'.

Affordable, predictable pricing.

PhishLine is a cost-effective way to test multiple layers of security with up-front pricing and generous usage allowances.